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A Digital Card is an online replica for your business. DigitalPaal is here for you to create your online business identity. Digital Paal is online platform which makes designing a card simple, convenient and reliable. Create what you need in just a minutes.

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How suitable and resources would it be if all your content & information is designed professionally that can help you stand out from the concourse and make your first impression extraordinary. Digital is the new trend. Keeping yourself straight up with the trend is the thing that one should do. Digital Paal we take to a different next level where you can Brand yourself in a unique way. We have services that can be helpful for you, Which will give your brand a good position in the online world

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Digital Business Card

Unlike the old fashioned printed cards that are either misplaced or put to trash, DIGITAL Business CARDS grasps the power of technology to create an eco-friendly method of sharing contact information. In simple terms, it is a faster and effortless way of commencing a business relationship.

Convey & Communicate yourself in a way like never before. Only made possible using the advanced technology. In today’s rapidly moving life the only fastest mode to reach your customers is through their Mobile phones.


Digital Business card beating the traditional method of printing VISITING CARDS time and again. Market your way through Technology. In this digital era, you need a digital business card that upgrades & strengthens your interactions and integrates with the systems you love with ease. We know you agree undoubtedly with us, So we have a “Contactless” Digital Business Card solution that is perfect for you, your employees & your Brand.

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